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  • Pretends to talk on the telephone
  • Gives a response to 'give me a high five'
  • Puts sequences of play together e.g. puts man in the car, drives the car up to the garage, puts petrol in the car, pays the money and drives away
  • Begins to act out familiar sequences from book or TV shows e.g. pretends to be Fireman Sam putting out a fire


  • Points to actions in pictures e.g. show me the boy swimming
  • Understands big / little
  • Responds to simple questions e.g. what is that? where is your ball?
  • Identifies several items by function e.g. which one do you read?

Spoken Language

  • Uses three-four word sentences frequently
  • Uses action words e.g. running, jumping, eating, playing
  • Names three common colours
  • Uses plurals e.g. cars, socks, books
  • Uses position words e.g. in, on
  • Says if boy or girl
  • Counts to three

When to seek advice:

  • If your child does not show interest in other people
  • If your child's play is limited to lining up toys
  • If your child shows repetitive behaviours e.g. turning light switches on and off
  • If your child is not joining words together in sentences
  • If your child is not following two-step instructions
  • If you can't understand 50% of what your child says to you
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